Hazardous Materials Training Courses 2020


1 Day Class (April 13th TO BE RESCHEDULED)

Poudre Fire Training Facility

3400 W Vine Dr, Fort Collins


1 Day Class (June 23 TO BE RESCHEDULED)

Eagle River Fire Department

150 Miller Ranch Rd, Edwards


1 Day Class (July 9 TO BE RESCHEDULED)

Colorado State Patrol

15194 W 12th Ave, Golden


1 Day Class (July 28 TO BE RESCHEDULED)

Aurora Fire Department

25690 E Quincy Ave, Aurora


1 Day Class (September 9) WAITLIST ONLY

Colorado State Patrol

15194 W 12th Ave, Golden

The HazMatIQ system incorporates trademarked innovative street smart “Cheat Sheets” that enable responders to safely and efficiently respond to any known or unknown chemical or mixture. Students taking this course will be able to size-up (physical state, hazards, initial hot zone, correct meters and PPE) any chemical in minutes. The system then coaches responders through a streamlined chemical research method to verify their initial size-up, preparing responders to immediately go to work when they arrive on a Hazardous Materials/WMD event.              



5 Day Class (August 24-28)

Summit Fire Department

225 County Shops Rd, Breckenridge

This class provides those who are or will be operating as a member of a Hazmat Team (fire department or law enforcement agency) the essential skills needed to evaluate and work defensively or offensively at an incident involving the release of hazardous materials.  This course is designed to prepare emergency responders to deal with hazardous materials incidents specifically related to highway transportation.  This includes chemical cargo tanks and dry vans.  Topics include container features, valves, venting systems, basic repairs, drilling and transfer techniques, and grounding and  bonding, incorporated into an extensive hands on experience.


2 Day Class (July 23-24 TO BE RESCHEDULED)

Summit Fire Department

225 County Shops Rd, Breckenridge

Propane emergencies remain one of the most common, and most deadly, hazmat incidents responders face. To date, over 25 responders have been killed at propane emergencies. This 16 hour course will prepare responders to safety mitigate a propane emergency, including tactical considerations, container assessment, leak control options, and flaring operations. Each student will receive a set of Propane IQ Smart Charts with a diagram of each propane vessel, along with potential countermeasures for each leak point.  


Day 1: Propane Behavior and DOT Propane Cylinders

Day one is an 8 hour training day, and is 50% hands on. Classroom will include interactive lecture, PowerPoint presentation, video case studies, and tactical discussions. Practical will include propane behavior demo, DOT cylinder anatomy, and propane hardware/valve identification challenge

Day 2: ASME Propane Tanks and Flaring Operations

Day two is an 8 hour training day, and is 50% hands on. Classroom will include interactive lecture, Powerpoint presentation, video case studies, and tactical discussions. The practical session will include anatomy of ASME tanks, followed by practical skill stations for leak control and flaring. Flaring skill station will include accessing propane vessels, proper fl are set up, safety guidelines, and flaring liquid vs vapor.


2 Week Course (July 20-31)

Bennett Fire Department

35900 E Hwy 36, Watkins


2 Week Course (September 14-25) WAITLIST ONLY 


6290 Colorado Blvd, Commerce City

The goal of this 80 hour course is to bring personnel to, at a minimum, the recognized NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Technician level. First responders at the technician level are individuals who respond to releases or potential releases for the purpose of stopping the release. They assume a more aggressive role than a first responder at the operations level in that they will approach the point of release in order to plug, patch or otherwise stop the release of a hazardous substance.


2 Day Class (August 13-14)


6290 Colorado Blvd, Commerce City

This course prepares the Hazardous Materials Technician to fulfill the roles and responsibilities required of the position in the Incident Command System in response to hazardous materials incidents.  In addition, it will assist in preparing an overall hazardous materials response management program and protocols.  The Hazardous Materials Safety Officer position within the Incident Command System is a required position when responding to a defined hazardous materials incident.  The person filling this role must possess the training, experience, and education, and shall be defined as a Hazardous Materials Technician in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120(q).


This educational course is based on the requirements spelled out in 2008 NFPA 472 and will provide the participant with the education needed to successfully perform at a hazardous materials incident as a HazMat Safety Officer.  By law, technicians can only be appointed Hazmat Safety Officer; however any person interested in hazardous materials safety, or involved in program management, will take great interest in the concepts, objectives and curriculum within this course and is encouraged to attend.


Day Class (August 5-6) WAITLIST ONLY

Pueblo Rural Fire Department

29912 Hwy 50 E Business Loop, Pueblo


2 Day Class (August 29-30) 

Meeker Volunteer Fire & Rescue

236 7th St, Meeker

This course is geared towards emergency response personnel who wish to acquire working knowledge and skills related to the use of and interpretation of information provided by hazardous materials air monitoring equipment. Upon completion of the course, the student will possess skills and competencies in making decisions as to selection, equipment limitations, interpretation of data, and sample collection for lab analysis. This class includes hands-on field exercises using skills and knowledge obtained in this course. Students will work in small groups to ensure maximum involvement and participation in the class. The experience will heavily involve live application of the material learned during this exciting 16-Hour course.

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